Battlesex - The Battlecall 7"

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Battlesex - The Battlecall 7"

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CONVR42 is Battlesex's "The Battlecall" 7". Portland's Battlesex offer breakneck hardcore punk and d-beat bursting with momentous rock soloing, exhibiting the clear influence of the great Anti Cimex. The follow-up to the Strike With Precision Demo, The Battlecall realizes a vision of a band as destructive as they are particular. All Hail the Boys of Rock.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by the Boys of Rock at the Battledome, art by the Battlelord.


1. The Battlecall
2. Waiting for Blood...Pt.2
3. King of the Hunt
4. Feast
5. Apex Rocker


First Pressing
300 copies on black vinyl