Yambag - Mindfuck Ultra 12"

Yambag - Mindfuck Ultra 12"

CONVR83 is a new one-sided 12" - MINDFUCK ULTRA - from Cleveland's Yambag. If you've been following Convulse you know what Yambag is. The fastest band. Leaving your jaw on the floor of the basement gig fast. The pride of Cleveland. The puppets. The IMDb. Nothing else is this explosive. If you know, you know. If you don't, it already blew past you.

This is a corelease with 11PM Records.

Convulse Pressing Info

95 on Green Vinyl (convulserecords.com exclusive)
225 on Black Vinyl

Drew - Drums
Nick - Bass
Kevin - Guitar
Richard - Vocals

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Will Killingsworth


1. Ancient Relics
2. No End in Sight
3. Party Song
4. Huff-N-Puff
5. Frye vs Takayama
6. Mindfuck Ultra
7. Make Mistakes
8. No Trust
9. Depresión
10. Clocked
11. El Funeral de Mr. E