MSPAINT - Post-American

$10.00 - $20.00
MSPAINT - Post-American

CONVR64 is the debut LP from Hattiesburg's MSPAINT, Post-American. While it may be tempting to pin MSPAINT down stylistically, with labels like "synth-punk," these attempts fail to capture a band that transcends the sum of its parts and the hardcore and punk communities it occupies. Most of the records we release critique the world as it is. MSPAINT go a step further. This record is a triumph because it presents us a future of connection and light and allows us all to imagine living Post-American.

Canadians - do not order a copy of the LP from our Bandcamp or store - order at


100 copies on White with Blue and Purple Splatter (Convulse Exclusive-only available at
100 copies on Yellow Vinyl (RevHQ exclusive)
100 copies on Orange Vinyl (Northern Scene Exclusive)
200 copies on Purple Vinyl
300 copies on Bubblegum Pink Vinyl

100 copies on Metallic Silver Vinyl
150 copies on Transparent Soft Pink Vinyl
350 on Lime Green Vinyl
300 on Purple & Orange Swirl Vinyl
600 on Highlighter Yellow Vinyl
500 on Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl

Cassettes by Big Money Cybergrind are limited to 400 copies with hand painted cassette shells, an exclusive MSPAINT trading card, and a cover sticker.