American Culture - Hey Brother, It's Been a While 12"

American Culture - Hey Brother, It's Been a While 12"

CONVR76 is American Culture's "Hey Brother It's Been a While." The band's third LP - "Hey Brother, It's Been A While" is a record of invitingly idiosyncratic punk psychedelia, imbued with a real humanity and compassion that’s been hard earned through life and death stakes.

Sonically, American Culture effortlessly weaves the band's many influences into one cohesive sound, conjuring up an endless array of rock music fantasy scenarios: What if The Stone Roses were fronted by Jim Carroll? What if Spiritualized and The Replacements wrote music together? What if The Meat Puppets were a C86 band?

Lyrically Hey Brother, It's Been Awhile is equally compelling. The album is an unflinching exploration of a truly harrowing period of time for co-vocalist/guitarist Michael Stein. “Michael was homeless last year–he was a missing person for three months. We thought he was dead,” explains co-vocalist/guitarist Chris Adolf. “So a lot of his songs are about that experience, and then my songs are about the other end–thinking my friend is gone. It’s almost as if we were writing back and forth.” The dual perspective storytelling is as vivid and human as American Culture's music, making for a one of the most uniquely powerful records of the year.

Hey Brother, It's Been a While comes out May 3rd on Convulse Records.



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