Militarie Gun - My Life is Over 7"

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Militarie Gun - My Life is Over 7"

CONVR17 is My Life is Over--Militarie Gun's debut 7".

Convulse Exclusive copies of the third pressing on white with red splatter shipping now.

The debut 7" from California five-piece Militarie Gun combines equal elements of hardcore, noise rock, and revelation summer esque post-hardcore. FFO: Fell to Low, Born Against, Lungfish


1. A New Low for Progressive Society
2. Dislocate Me
3. Kept Talkin
4. Life in Decline

Pressing Info:

1st Press:
100 on red vinyl
200 on clear vinyl

2nd Press:
100 on pink vinyl
200 on blue vinyl
200 on yellow vinyl

3rd Press:
125 copies on white with red swirl (Convulse Exclusive)

Watch the video for Dislocate Me here: