Alienator - World of Hate 7"

Alienator - World of Hate 7"

CONVR48 is Alienator's World of Hate 7".

At Convulse HQ, Alienator's 2022 Demo was in heavy rotation. We're thrilled to announce that Alienator's follow up 7" EP, World of Hate, picks up right where it left off. Combining breakneck elements of early Raw Power or C.O.C. with mid tempo aggression of proper hardcore - World of Hate is about as good as a 7" gets. Featuring members of Reek Minds, Televised, and Suck Lords, World of Hate is further proof that Portland is in a class of its own.


100 on red vinyl
200 on black vinyl

250 on black vinyl w red sleeve

Recorded by Evan Mersky at Red Lantern
Mixed and Mastered by Will Killingsworth
Front Cover Illustration by Fetal Brain
Photos by CC Guzman


1. Senseless Violence
2. I'm Nothing
3. World of Hate
4. Social Disease